How to Reach

Expo Build for Commercial Properties 2018
Shanghai Hospitality Design & Engineering Expo 20178

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (abbreviated as "SNIEC", address: No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, PRC)

April 26, 2018, Wednesday


April 27, 2018, Thursday


April 28, 2018, Friday


April 29, 2018, Saturday


FREE shuttle bus

 The free shuttle bus runs from Longyang Rd Station of Metro Line 2 to the exhibition venue daily at the interval of 10 minutes.


Metro Line 2 connects two airports in Shanghai and runs through city downtown. It is at Longyang Rd Station that you can take the free shuttle bus to the exhibition venue.Metro Line 7 interchanges with most other metro lines in Shanghai, you may reach the exhibition venue at Huamu Rd Station.Tip: Click here to see a detailed map of Shanghai metro lines, in which Metro Line 2 is marked in green and Line 7 in orange.

 For flights arrive at Pudong International Airport

Take Maglev train or Metro Line 2 at Pudong International Airport to Longyang Rd Station (the Maglev and metro share the same station), then take the free shuttle bus at the station to show venue.Tip: It takes only 7 minutes by Maglev from the airport to the station, 40 minutes by metro.Click here to have more details about world's only commercially operated Maglev train in Shanghai.

For flights arrive at Hongqiao International Airport

Take Metro Line 2 at the airport, then take the free shuttle bus at Long Yang Rd Station.Tip: It takes about 80 minutes by metro from the airport to the station.


To reach Shanghai New Internationl Expo Centre, simply show the following Chinese address to the driver:

上海浦东龙阳路 2345号Tip: Click here to see Shanghai's taxi fare.