Shanghai Overview

  • Area
    6,340 square kilometers
    Approximately 17,000,000
    Time zone
    GMT / UTC +8 (Standard Time)
    The official language is Mandarin Chinese
    Foreign currency
    China's official currency is the Renminbi (RMB)
    Power supply
    China's power supply is 220 volts, 50 cycles AC. Locally using a two-pin sockets.
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    Departure tax
    Every international flight departure tax of approximately RMB90 million
    Useful telephone numbers
    Police: 110
    Fire: 119
    Ambulance: 120
    Consumer Complaints: 12315
    Tourist Complaint:86-21 64393615
    Local calls, long distance area code: 114
    International Code Enquiries: 116
    Time Service: 117
    Forecast: 121,221
    Hongqiao Airport Flight Inquiries: 86-2162688918
    Pudong Airport Flight Inquiries: 86-2168341000


  • Basic Attractions
  • Lujiazui in Shanghai Mother River "Huangpu River" beside, located in Shanghai Oriental Pearl feet, is Shanghai's financial and business representatives at one of the most powerful. As the center of Shanghai Lujiazui area resident who migrated to accelerate on district-level commercial center, business center and Lujiazui Village marginal areas planning and construction of commercial outlets, and constantly adapt the needs of residents. Puxi many famous old shop, boutiques have entered Lujiazui open outlets at home and abroad, special, excellent, new commodity pool, sales increased substantially. For the formation of "big business, big market, big circulation" pattern, Lujiazui in the past six or seven years to develop large-scale wholesale business. Number of professional wholesale market quickly set up, New Shanghai Commercial City is located in the Midwest Lujiazui, Pudong South Road, Zhang Yang, Dongfang Road and other main roads in the district where the intersection, the traffic is very convenient. Commercial city famous first Yaohan Shopping Center, Times Square, New World Plaza shopping mall is a good place for recreation residents. Lujiazui will in the true sense become the new center of Shanghai.


  • Shanghai old Temple, described as legendary, and Yuyuan Garden adjoining, also known as the Temple, the Shanghai Taoist Taoism is one of the main faction. Located Fang Bang Road, east Ani Street, the north bliss Road, west of OlSchool Field Road. Ming Yongle period (1403 - 1424), will be compliance by the magistrate Zhang Jinshan Temple converted. History repeated repeatedly destroyed the Temple was built, and now the Temple was built in 1926. War, the Chinese businessman in a new concession to build another Temple (located Lian Lu Jinling West intersection, exercises had been converted into a multi-storey residential), so they are called old Temple Temple. Renovation began in 1995, and received the faithful and tourists. Main entrance to the four-poster three, cornices plastic archway on the Eight Immortals, the door has lions couple. Basilica Treva Zhu eaves, towering bright, incense heyday.
  • Shanghai with Shanghai Xintiandi is a historical and cultural attractions of the city, which is based on the unique Shikumen Shanghai urban construction, based on transformed into a world-class dining, business, entertainment, culture, leisure pedestrian street. Shanghai Xintiandi is located in the city center, south of Huaihai Road, Huangbeinanlu and Madang Road between thirty thousand square meters of land, next to the metro station and North Huangpi, something elevated road intersection. This project is the construction of a new era with a tradition and cultural life of the city tourist attractions, it is to Western integration, old and new combination of tone, the Shanghai Shikumen traditional and contemporary new buildings blend.