Exhibitor List

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  • Corradi
    W3C21 Corradi
    The Corradi Group designs and creates complete solutions for furnishing and getting the maximum use out of outdoor spaces. Founded in Bologna in 1978 and now a worldwide success in the production of bespoke covers and pergolas, Corradi SpA is now partnered by Velombra Srl for the production of sail awnings and by Corradi Arredi Srl for outdoor furniture.
  • Shanghai Jucai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    W3N40 Shanghai Jucai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    Mocose core team is a founder of the waterproof TV. From the initial shell with a waterproof seal, later results of the extrusion, and breathable thermal back-like structures, each upgrade means perfect, more secure product was born, now waterproof technology has been fully applied to Mocose waterproof TV mirror TV series and in the custom series. Luxface W3R40 Luxface target market is high-end hotel, casino, restaurant, shopping mail and residential projects that have used in a wide variety of applications including partitions, door inserts, ceilings, wall cladding, furniture, lighting, countertops and signage. The architects and designers would widen their imagination to combine color and materials to create their design. Luxface specialize in resin panels.
  • Harbin Shunqi Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.
    W3N34 Harbin Shunqi Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.
    Inspi red by the qual i t y of f ine Italian leather, we have created a distinct collection that redefines contemporar y, beautiful flooring. Leather Floors are exciting, sensuous, and affordable. Our Leather is made from recycled leather, - carefully made to high environmental standards and perfected to withstand the test of time.
  • Yantai Renhe New-tech of Architecture Development Co.,Ltd
    W3N06 Yantai Renhe New-tech of Architecture Development Co.,Ltd
    Architecture Development Co., Ltd. Yan tai Ren he Newtech of Architecture Development Co.,Ltd has worked for air diffuser more than 10 years. Our designing concept of the modified wood air diffuser is natural, easy, elegant, classical. We will take you into the high quality of life, to enjoy the natural conception life. We committed to set up a bridge between the interior designer and HVAC designers, to improve people's quality of life through providing the classic art of interior materials.
    Hannover, Germany DOMOTEX exhibition of new products. The design is inspired by old European architecture, the wood wooden temple in the ancient temples and traditional Chinese courtyard beams mottled texture and rustic colors. DB
  • Suzhou Bitor Engineering Material Co., Ltd.
    W3M20 Suzhou Bitor Engineering Material Co., Ltd.
    Aluminum entrance mat: Nowadays, aluminum entrance mats are widely used in hotels, banks, and other commercial areas. It's more and more important for entrances. BITOR&SEASTAR entrance mats are all used imported carpets, after a series of processing, and combine with the good aluminum profiles. It performs perfectly in our daily life. It's the first choice for every hotel designer.
  • Shanghai Dimoon Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    W3M10 Shanghai Dimoon Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    We are the exclusive shanghai agent for the following wallcovering and fabric. Elitis ,Casamance from FRANCE, Lincrusta ,designers guild from ENGLAND, Erfurt from Germany .our showroom is located about the Suzhou river ,nearest building is zhongshan park. You can find many various brand wallpaper and fabric in my showroom. As a new b r a n d o f Dimoon ,we are looking forward to welcoming you to our showroom.
  • ELLER Beschlagtechnik GmbH
    W3J05 ELLER Beschlagtechnik GmbH
    ELLER Beschlagtechnik GmbH is situated in Düsseldorf, German. We can provide the professional hardware solution for hotel, office, residence etc. Our products are wholeheartedly according to EN or ANSI standard, GB fire-proofing & theft-proofing certification. We pay much attention on the custommade products with various surface and style.
  • Xuzhou Yuexin Window Decorations Co., Ltd.
    W3M31 Xuzhou Yuexin Window Decorations Co., Ltd.
    Xuzhou Yuexin Window Decorations Co., Ltd. is professional in designing and producing window decoration and wall paper with natural material. Now, we provide best and client-oriental service to customers home and abroad. We are planning to open stores in big cities within China. If you are interested in any of our products, please contact us. You will be warmly welcome to visit us. Our products are mainly hand-woven and made with natural materials, such as grass, weeds, canes and bamboos, plant leaves, metal fiber and leather. The end products i n c l ude wi ndow de c o rat i o n, wallpaper, cushion, lamp body and lamb chimney, etc. Each product is guaranteed to be made with natural material and hand-woven by our highly skilled master weavers. They are healthy, natural and fashionable. Looking forward to our cooperation
  • Hunter Douglas Group
    W3G30 Hunter Douglas Group
    Hunter Douglas is the world market leader in window coverings and a major manufacturer of architectural products. Hunter Douglas has its Head Office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and a Management Office in Lucerne, Switzerland. The Group is comprised of 162 companies with 67 manufacturing and 95 assembly operations and marketing organizations in more than 100 countries. Hunter Douglas employs about 20, 000 people and had annual sales of USD 3 billion.
  • Shanghai Yingliang Stone Co., Ltd.
    W3G21 Shanghai Yingliang Stone Co., Ltd.
    is a highlevel brand under Yingliang stone Group. its main business is high quality stone production, it displays rare, special, unique, luxury stones about 200 kinds from all over the world. "5th gallery" aspires luxury, fashion and unique stones, it just matches the taste of designers, high-level decoration company and collectors etc.
  • Suzhou Yugtex Art Carpet Co., Ltd.
    W3A40 Suzhou Yugtex Art Carpet Co., Ltd.
    Our company specializes in manufacturing "YUGTEX" art woven vinyl carpet and "Glanyl" art woven vinyl flooring products, the carpet and floor is widely used in indoor and outdoor highend places. Style and color designers can meet different requirements. Welcome to consult with any product information
  • 3M
    W3R21 3M
    3M3A recognized leader in research and development, 3M produces thousands of innovative products for dozens of diverse markets. 3M's core strength is applying its more than 40 distinct technology platforms – often in combination – to a wide array of customer needs. With $27 billion in sales, 3M employs 80,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries. For more information, visit www.3m.com