China International Building Decoration Fair won the "Shanghai International Brand Fair" title!


Recently, the third-party verification of rating agencies, expert assessments, Shanghai International Exhibition Evaluation Committee, China International Building Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) obtained from the original "Shanghai Excellent exhibition" field upgraded to architectural decoration "Shanghai international brand exhibition "!

China Building Decoration Exhibition Exhibition adhering to the concept of innovation and the trend for luxury villas, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls and clubs and other high-end property from design, construction, fitting into new products, new materials, integrated solutions and one-stop sourcing platform for hosting the authority of a Joint industry Association and the famous design organization, will March 31, 2014 - April 3, 2014 in Shanghai new International Expo Centre presents for everyone next unprecedented scale activities to enrich the building event, meet designers, architects division, owners and operators, contractors and other professionals in a variety of needs.