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Dongguan Patrick Windows & Doors . will debut Expo Build China 2013

Major news, Dongguan Branch Door Furniture Co. Petrus will debut Expo Build China 2013.

My company is a three year development history, mainly engaged in the research and development of new high-end doors and windows, design, manufacture and sales of specialized doors and windows of all Hong Kong-owned furniture company!

Our first introduction of advanced production technology windows and doors, creating a Chinese high-end custom windows and doors precedent. We have Germany, Italy, New Zealand origin of large-scale CNC machining centers and nearly 50 units (sets), forming a four door furniture production line, and the use of European technology software systems and technologies doors, windows and doors in high-end production capacity of 200,000 square meters .


Our product variety, style and diverse, functional fashion, quality and excellence. Products using imported raw materials and hardware systems, precision manufacturing, so reputable. Products include: high-grade entrance doors, energy-efficient doors and windows insulated copper alloys, copper, wood clad windows and doors, high-grade aluminum composite wood doors and windows, aluminum insulation energy saving windows and doors, sliding sunroof, alloy and aluminum composite wood sun room, a total of three series more than 150 varieties. We can also fully address your bedroom doors and windows shading, security, anti-mosquito, intelligent control and other ancillary issues. In addition, mahogany furniture, leisure products and a private wine cellar is the company opened another professional direction, self-contained, as doors and windows ancillary products to meet the various needs of our customers.