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Shanghai color shading devices, Ltd. Expo Build China 2013 will be unveiled

Major news, color shading Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai will debut Expo Build China 2013.

Shanghai color shading devices, Ltd. is a production, processing and marketing of shade products, outdoor leisure furniture series supplies and related projects in one company. From small awnings, parasols, to medium-sized membrane structure, steel ...... from one hundred models of imported and domestic shade waterproof fabric, to all kinds of leisure furniture ...... Whether you can imagine what kind of energy saving shade or outdoor recreation supplies, we are able to offer. In fact, we can offer more - we have a skilled experienced construction team, according to the various needs of customers, specializing in production of various diverse shade. Over the years, we have done the same color from many luxury hotels, villas, leisure places, factories and other customers tailored products and project engineering.

Looking back, the lights dim. Since its founding until the present, Shanghai has gone through eight color company condition. In the company of you core backbone staff's unremitting efforts, the company from scratch and from small to large, finally have achieved, is now beginning to take shape. This of course is also inseparable from the new and old customers enthusiastic support! Today the whole world is the rise of green, energy saving, green living, our company's various products and business philosophy is timely. We are determined in the new green economy tide, more enthusiastic and meticulous provide customers with better products and services, access to greater development. Whenever and wherever, our company's business philosophy has never changed as follows:

Customer-oriented and diligence.
Perfect, always.