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Golden Eagle Iger Floor Decoration Materials (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Exhibitor Expo Build China 2013



Major news, Golden Eagle Iger flooring company will be April 1 at Expo Build China  2013 

Golden Eagle Iger PERFEC since its inception in 1997, has been the mainstream of international synonymous with high-end flooring. Its production of wood composite, laminate wood flooring and other products, in terms of accessories to the design, production, or selection, of excellence, emphasizing European ancestry with the original design of the perfect combination. For 15 years, the Golden Eagle Iger to the extreme as a corporate brand core, constantly through new design and technology for the flooring industry to express concern and support sustainable development. Golden Eagle Iger represents an extreme attitude towards life.

2001 on the European market, locking floor has occupied the mainstream market position, while in China is still blank, Golden Eagle Iger first introduced to China will lock the floor, directly led to a lock revolution, and for the first time that the television media products communication, to achieve the industry's first to promote the brand in CCTV.

In 2002, the birth of the floor design school, so that by the Golden Eagle Iger and processing to achieve a comprehensive transformation of independent research and development, design and development capabilities established a leading position in the industry, the products have been China, EU, U.S., Japan, Korea and other patents certification . By sharing the patent cooperation and implement royalty-free sales in China, the foreign sales also do not accept the terms of royalties. Golden Eagle Iger became the first company in the flooring industry and international brands treaty signed royalty-free enterprise, access to international product sales price advantage, completely out of the domestic consumers in China can not buy the best products of international dilemma. And in all imported product packaging label use full Chinese.

2005, Golden Eagle Iger opened a Chinese market alone three solid wood pieces, named "European style apartment floor" and Europe's most advanced pavement construction and equipment introduced to the Chinese market.

2007, Golden Eagle Iger Industrial transformation from trade to investment Autumn Wood Group was established. Original design and development of production used in Europe three solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring industry has become China's three largest manufacturers in China to achieve the production of Europe's top floor, with a national dealer prices back to society.

2009, Golden Eagle Iger once again challenge non-aldehyde floor of the "bottom line." Blantyre Finland Group signed a formal exclusive promotional agreement, publish non-formaldehyde glue parquet, will Dynea Group production of non-formaldehyde adhesive as Golden Eagle Iger floor dedicated adhesive, do not add any aldehyde component, meet the Japanese food packaging standards. Meanwhile, the adoption of the European Golden Eagle Iger original pure plant essential oils on the floor for the surface layer 0 aldehyde treatment, the plant essential oil is derived from soybean, castor draw, by the European EN71-3 certification, no any chemical composition, children mistakenly Fresh toxic side effects. The products are used by the British Queen Elizabeth II personally cut the ribbon for the Eurostar train station project, Golden Eagle Iger to come out on top in the field of environmental protection floor.

2011, published European DOMOTEX Hannover Fair New Millennium Temple ultimate Antique Series floor, so to get the ultimate blend of retro and environmental protection.

2012, wood, strengthening, imported products to achieve a comprehensive system of industrial upgrading, have released two-sided non-aldehyde, the new Shangri-La, Disney-licensed children's room series of new products.

For more information, visit the official website of the Golden Eagle Iger floor www.perfec.asia, please visit the Expo Build China 2013's W3M40 booth!