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3M China will be held next year on April 1 debut Expo Build China 2013

Major news, 3M China will be exhibiting Expo Build China 2013

Freedom of design freedom in the design

3M DI-NOC decoration materials are 3M company for architecture and interior design market research and development of new materials. Its three characteristics: colorful, high simulation textures, and thin soft easy 3D and shaped handle, break through the limitations of traditional decorative materials, expanding the building interior and exterior design creative space. The unique printing technology enables individual design with a sense of depth. The outdoors presents refined color flavor. Even outdoors can also utilize the rich colors and patterns.

For 3M construction market, our slogan is innovation, inspiration and information.

We specialize in providing innovative aesthetic and practical products to meet the designers, architects, building owners and operators, contractors and other professionals in a variety of needs.

We strive to use environmentally friendly materials inspire all stakeholders to create attractive, dynamic and durable interior and exterior.

At the same time, 3M to provide our customers with the information they need and techniques to achieve the desired vision.

Minimal cost, our 3M ™ DI-NOC ™ DI-NOC can simulate the appearance of natural and other materials.

3M ™ method yarn glass surface decoration materials and crystal glass surface decoration materials more attractive prices than cut glass, and can provide and engraving, sandblasting or other textured glass-like appearance, private and semi-transparency.

For lighting equipment, future, 3M ™ lighting solutions in the energy, security, ease of installation, especially the leading edge surface aesthetics.
For more information, visit the official website of the company 3M China www.3m.com.cn, please visit the Expo Build China 2013's W3R21 booth!